The Restaurant

Zutto Japanese American Pub is located in the heart of Tribeca, serving a variety of Japanese favorites including sushi, ramen and sake. A sizeable dining room with elegant and understated furnishings like hanging paper lanterns and exposed red brick can fit large parties, and outdoor seating makes this a great place to stop by for a bite or drink, especially on a sunny day.


Zutto Japanese American Pub is one of the better-situated restaurants in Tribeca, with its prime location on the corner of Hudson and Harrison Street. It’s also just a five-minute walk from the Duane Street Hotel, adding to the impressive lineup of critically-acclaimed places to eat within arm’s reach of our property.

What to Try

When beginning a meal at Zutto Japanese American Pub, be sure to start things off with one of the signature, exceptionally chewy, steamed buns. We suggest ordering the Gang Nam Style option with spicy pork, kimchi and scallions, or the Kobe beef choice with oven roasted tomato and caramelized onions.

Diners can also choose to kick their meal off with some of the many small plates available on Zutto Japanese American Pub’s menu. One of our favorites is the buffalo cauliflower wings turning an American classic on its head replacing chicken with panko breaded cauliflower.

Moving to the main course, the only way to go is ramen. All of the options impress, but if you’re completely lost we would suggest one of two all-star selections. The kimchi ramen is an interesting and dynamic bowl that comes with a spicy pork base, pickled ginger and clams. For those who aren’t into spicy, the duck ramen is one of the heartiest soups in town with slow cooked duck breast, bokchoy, kikurage mushrooms and scallions.