Founded in 1983 as the Borough of Manhattan Community College Performing Arts Center, the Tribeca Performing Arts Center has become one of the most beloved theater destinations in the Manhattan. As the longest operating performance venue downtown, the center is a premier spot to see up and coming talent from New York and around the globe.

Specifically aimed at the city’s intergenerational, multicultural population, The Tribeca Performing Arts Center offers a wide range of programming that appeals to locals and visitors alike. Its stages play host to plays, musicals, puppet shows, concerts, readings, and more on any given day. Within each medium, the variety continues: dances could include ballet, tap, acrobatic or flamenco, and the dancers could hail from China or just down the block.

The Tribeca Performing Arts Center is an excellent resource for visitors to cut to the heart of Tribeca culture. If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids during your stay, or want to tap into the world-famous New York City theater scene, then be sure to check out the Center’s lineup during your visits.


Tribeca Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007

More info: / @tribecaPAC