Your love affair with Tribeca culture may actually start in Detroit, if you swing by Shinola. This upscale, stylish watch and bike factory produces sophisticated, retro goods in the Motor City and some smaller factories in Illinois and Wisconsin. Inspired by their home city’s car manufacturers’ craft and history, Shinola is a factory turned retailer turned brand. The artfulness and quality of their products sets them apart from bland, internationally-known labels.

Shinola’s men’s and women’s watches are constructed with a blend of historic influence, modern vision, and homegrown ingenuity. They use Detroit steel and Horween leather products to hand-make each timepiece. Choose from bright, mod colors or simple, brown leather straps to find a watch that suits your tastes. Watches from Shinola make a great souvenir or gift for any stylish man or woman looking to experience premiere shopping in New York City.

Shinola sells Detroit-made bicycles, and partners with Wisconsin-based Waterford Precision Cycles (owned by the Schwinn family) to make sure theirs are some of the finest two-wheelers on the streets. Sleek retro-styling and precision gears make a Shinola bike hard to resist. We love browsing the Tribeca store’s cruisers and racers, imagining all the places in New York City that would be better explored from a Shinola bike.

The flagship boutique is worth the visit regardless of whether you choose to purchase anything. A dark leather map of the world hangs from the two-story white brick walls, and tables are lined with mounted bicycles, watches, and handmade leather notebooks  (another Shinola specialty). In an area of New York City where vision and quality are revered to an exceptional degree, Shinola stands tall as a distinguished and respected player.

Shinola Flagship Store
177 Franklin St.
New York, NY 10013

Open Monday through Saturday 11am-7pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm