The Postmasters Gallery is one of the premier proprietors of contemporary art in the hyper-stylized neighborhood of Tribeca. Magda Sawon and her husband Tamas Banovich founded the gallery at its original East Village location in 1984. Postmasters has since relocated to SoHo, Chelsea, and to its current location here in Tribeca, its home since 2013. Exhibiting an exceptional eye for postmodern, outstanding works throughout the years, Sawon has been able to foster a following of loyal artists and patrons.

Throughout its tenure, the Postmasters Gallery has earned a reputation for exhibiting unusual work that conventional galleries would usually ignore. Fascinating and always socially relevant, shows can feature works from a variety of mediums. One example? The gallery has worked with Net.artists who use software and code as their medium for installations. The Postmasters Gallery also hosted a live-feed video exhibit in September 2001 that unintentionally captured the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in a haunting execution of alternative creative media. Art seen at the gallery often moves on to major museums, including New York’s Whitney Museum.

Guests at the Duane Street Hotel can take the five-minute stroll and visit the gallery and see its thought-provoking and envelope-pushing shows, which have been a welcome addition to the Tribeca culture scene.

For more information on shows (previous, current, and upcoming), visit the Postmasters Gallery website here.

Postmasters Gallery
54 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013

Open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-6pm (open till 8pm on Thursday)
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