You could easily mistake the understated, sign-free entrance of the Mmuseumm for a candy shop or random boutique from afar. Visitors either know of the establishment through word of mouth or they walk in out of sheer curiosity at the open front doors. Inside this hidden gem, which bills itself as a “modern natural history museum,” you’ll find artifacts displayed behind glass on three close-together walls. Observing each piece one by one (yes, the Mmuseumm is that small) is the only way to truly understand what makes this little piece of Tribeca culture so different.

The Mmuseumm fulfills its lofty mission to “illustrate the complexities of the modern world” through its displays of seemingly random everyday objects from around the world.

Exhibitions have covered a wide variety of topics: Toothpaste Tubes from Around the World showcased brands and packaging that stretched far beyond the familiar Crest, Colgate, or Tom’s; Personal Possessions Found in the Pacific featured a decayed driver’s license and cell phone among other findings from the ocean; and Censored Saudi Arabian Pool Toys displayed floaties and inflatable swans whose packaging was deemed too sexual for the kingdom.

In addition to their rotating works, the small cultural institution also has quite an impressive (and odd) permanent collection. See a vintage water boiler commonly mistaken for a hair straightener, cheese puffs from foreign countries, and the intriguing “Honduran treat spoon,” plus a charming and decidedly low-tech hotel theft prevention system. New in 2015? A space next door reimagined as an exact replica of a curator’s mother’s closet. Only a seven-minute walk from the Duane Street Hotel, the Mmuseumm’s collection of objects is easy glimpse of Tribeca culture at its oddest.


4 Cortlandt Alley (between Franklin and White streets)
New York, NY 10013
Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-6pm.
$5 suggested donation. 

More info: / @mmuseumm