The Duane Street Hotel shares an iconic neighborhood with a massive, annual cultural event named The Tribeca Film Festival. Guests who stay with us during the actual April event can walk to a number of the hundreds of events it puts on. Travelers coming to Downtown Manhattan throughout the rest of the year can still get in touch with the world of The Tribeca Film Festival, and the neighborhood’s greater culture.

What Is The Tribeca Film Festival?

Since 2002, The Tribeca Film Festival has been a central event on the international film festival circuit, and for the world of independent film. Every year, it showcases thousands of films chosen from tens of thousands of submissions. It’s a gathering place for up and coming directors, established producers, big-name actors, and film buffs of all sorts.

Beginning as a festival, Tribeca Film has grown into its own film studio that champions independent work, and meaningful brand partnerships. Throughout a given year, travelers coming to Tribeca can check out the latest work from Tribeca Studios, as well as keep an eye out for special screenings and events.

Tribeca Film Festival Events

Tribeca Film hosts screenings of films both old and new throughout the year. At the Tribeca Film Festival itself, guests can attend lectures, panels, signings, interactive VR experiences, parties, and so much more. In a given day, you can see a retrospective screening of a classic like Apocalypse Now, an edgy new feature from a hot young director, and attend a mixer at a choice Downtown Manhattan event space.

Keep an eye on upcoming Tribeca Film Festival dates and event listings. For some more ideas of fun events around the Tribeca neighborhood, and New York City beyond, check out the Duane Street Hotel events calendar.

Special Offers Around Tribeca Film Festival

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