Forget about these travel bloggers and powers that be who decided that being a tourist was a bad thing. Seeking out popular sights is a totally acceptable, and normal way to spend a vacation in a new destination—that’s why the sights are popular in the first place! It’s great to seek out your own path and all, but in a place like New York City, there are iconic stop-offs that you simply have to see. 

Now that we’ve gone ahead and excused the act of being a tourist in NYC, we’re now going to go through some of the most well-known, and iconic of the city’s best tours and tourist attractions to help guide your path.

The Legendary Parks

Those who love the outdoors can explore gorgeous parks across the five boroughs, including iconic Central Park, skyscraper-lined Bryant Park, and European-style Washington Square Park. With a home base in Tribeca, it’s easy to explore the best parks in Lower Manhattan.

The Big Museums

Museum lovers can go all in at MoMA, The Met, the Guggenheim, the Neue Galerie, the Whitney, and dozens more, not to mention the unforgettable 9/11 Memorial and Museum (see our guide to the best museums in NYC here).

The Food

New Yorkers are foodies, with an estimated 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan alone. Here in Tribeca, we’re spoiled with options. From hip new spots to date night favorites, there are dozens of restaurants in Tribeca that cater to any palette. Before your visit’s up, make sure you’ve had the city’s famous bagels and pizza, but also at least one fine dining experience.

The Empire State Building

When you play the montage of quintessential Big Apple sights in your head, The Empire State Building’s pointy spire is always one of the first images to pop up. One of the reasons you have to be a tourist in New York City, for at least an afternoon, is because a trip to the top of The Empire State Building is truly unforgettable. 

There are various tours and experiences you can purchase when visiting ESB. The base-level is a Main Deck ticket, which gives you an elevator ride to the observation deck on the 86th floor of the skyscraper. There are also premium and line-skipping options, a sunrise ticket, and an all-access tour which features background on the history of the building. There is also a self-guided multimedia tour app available in several languages. 

The Statue of Liberty

Moving down the line of the most well-known and iconic of New York City’s many tourist attractions, we have to recommend taking a trip out on the water to visit Lady Liberty. You can begin by hopping on a ferry from Battery Park, a short walk from the Duane Street Hotel. The open-air boat will have food and drinks, as well as stellar views of the statue on one side, and the cityscape on the other. Upon arriving at the Statue of Liberty, you’ll come across a visitor center where you can peruse pamphlets, brochures, and chat up rangers to set up a tour. 

The Ranger Guided Tour of Statue of Liberty Park is one of the most informative and unique tourist experiences in New York City. In addition to all of the historical context your guide provides, guests also get to go right up to Lady Liberty and awe at her beauty, before climbing up for breathtaking views of the city. For more information, check out our Guide To Visiting The Statue of Liberty

The Freedom Tower

The last mention on our list of must-see tourist attractions in New York City is the marvelous Freedom Tower. Located an easy, ten-minute walk from The Duane Street Hotel, this towering, new skyscraper in Downtown Manhattan will blow your mind as you peer up to its seemingly disappearing top from the street below. If you want to take that awe a step further, be sure to book yourself a tour and a visit to the very top. 

The Observation Tower is located on the building’s one-hundredth floor, and it offers spectacular views of Manhattan from the perspective of downtown. One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, so the views are truly special. For more information, check out our Guide To Visiting One World Trade Center


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