Oyster Week began as a an idea amongst friends back in 2011 here in New York City. The idea was to get a group of oyster producers, distributors, restaurants, shuckers, and eaters for a full-on celebration. The first New York Oyster Week took place in September 2012, and it’s only grown since.

The Blossoming of Oyster Week

Since 2012, this group of Oyster Week organizers became known as the OysterHood, and it’s growing into a worldwide venture. Last year they added Miami Oyster Week, and they plan to launch in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia in the coming years. Here in New York, however, you can enjoy a new rendition of Oyster Week this September 15-30th.

What Is Oyster Week?

This two-week long celebration of this popular shellfish features oyster-centric events that include tastings, pairings, and presentations by elite chefs. Some examples of things you can do at New York Oyster Week include talking to local oyster farmers, learning how to shuck, and participating in preservation efforts to restore the living oyster reefs and habitat in NYC and Long Island.

On the New York Oyster Week website, the passionate team behind the OysterHood writes, “Our mission is to showcase and celebrate the oyster people, places and processes that create and present oysters.” They do this through education and a lot of tastings, which makes this a must-attend for all oyster lovers visiting the city this fall.

Food Festivals in New York City

If you think it’s a little wild and unique that there’s a festival that’s so focused, devoted, and passionate about a single type of food, then you need to check out all the other food festivals this city has to offer. In September alone, you can also attend a chile pepper festival, coffee festival, vegan food festival, and chocolate festival among others.

For more information on Oyster Week including its mission, associated brands and tickets to this year’s New York City event, check out the website here.

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