Fall is on the way, which means that the city will be going through some vibrant and awe-inspiring changes. To find out where to go and how to enjoy, we put together this short guide on where to see fall colors in Manhattan.

Central Park

Arguably the most popular outdoor attraction in New York City, Central Park is a must-visit at all times of the year. In the fall, however, it’s undeniably pretty. The massive collection of trees and open lawns lends itself to days walking or lounging looking at the bright colorful foliage.

Washington Square Park

Another world-famous park in Manhattan, Washington Square Park is much closer to the Duane Street Hotel and also a great place to visit in the fall. There are less trees here, but the ones that stand will offer fall colors as a backdrop to the never-ending cycle of street performers, chess players, and other unique regulars.

Battery Park

Coming even closer to the Duane Street Hotel and our neighborhood of Tribeca, Battery Park is another place where you might catch some fall colors in Manhattan. Come see how the trees here change, and enjoy a crisp autumn breeze as you look out over the Hudson River with a warm cup of coffee. Battery Park is a convenient bike ride from Tribeca, especially on one of Duane Street Hotel’s complimentary two-wheelers.

Fashion Boutiques

Not all fall colors are up in the trees. For many people, the change of the season means a new wave of fashion trends and looks. To find out what colors and styles people are wearing this fall, check out the Duane Street Hotel’s guide to shopping in Tribeca.


Another area where colors and looks and tastes change with the seasons is New York City’s world-class restaurant scene. In the fall, cold-weather ingredients like squash and stews start to come back, and you can find out how at one of these exceptional restaurants in our dining guide for Tribeca.