running in manhattan

The sun is shining and the people are out, which makes this one of the best times of year to take a run outdoors in New York City. Duane Street Hotel is proud to connect travelers to the most memorable and useful fitness opportunities available. To help you navigate where and how to gear up for a jaunt out onto the city streets, check out our guide on where to run in Lower Manhattan.

Hudson River Park

Half A Mile from Duane Street Hotel

A short walk from the Duane Street Hotel, Hudson River Park is hands-down one of the best places to run in all of Manhattan. The long parkway runs five miles along the Hudson River and the West Side of the island, from Battery Park all the way up to 59th Street in Midtown. It features a double-wide path for runners, walkers, sprinters, bikers, scooter-riders and anybody else. It’s scenic, spacious, and a great way to incorporate different neighborhoods into a morning workout.

Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge

Between a half-mile and mile from Duane Street Hotel

From the pathways and streets of Lower Manhattan, you can access the world-famous, architectural marvel that is the Brooklyn Bridge. This is another option for incorporating Brooklyn into your New York City run. Jogging on the bridge itself is an experience to behold, as it offers brilliant views of both connecting boroughs, and the river in between. The bridge is a bit longer than a mile, so a down and back provides a more-than-adequate workout. The bridge gets crowded, so consider going at off hours (i.e. early morning), or opt for the less-frequented Manhattan Bridge. It’s not quite as romantic a run, as the pedestrian zone parallels the subway line, but the views are just as great, if not better, since you have the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy from afar.

Battery Park

One Mile from Duane Street Hotel

While our last two recommendations began in Battery Park, we also want to recommend running just in this beautiful area for your New York City workout. There’s plenty of space to loop around the bottom of the island and stay within an easy walk of the Duane Street Hotel. From Battery Park, you can also enjoy iconic views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and one World Trade Center. You can incorporate other landmark attractions on this jog like the Raging Bull and Castle Clinton.

The High Line

Two Miles from Duane Street Hotel

Heading out into the outdoors of Lower Manhattan, the number of memorable places you can take a run is impressive. Our first recommendation is The High Line, which is a free public park built on a converted, elevated railway bridge. At nearly a mile and a half long, it offers plenty of space for you to earn a sweat with either a one-way, or a roundtrip jog. Head to the High Line earlier in the morning, because afternoons tend to draw serious crowds.

East River Greenway

Three Miles from Duane Street Hotel

The East River Greenway also starts off at the bottom of the island in Battery Park, but this one runs up the East Side all the way up to 125th Street in Harlem. This 11-mile path leaves you plenty of room to push yourself on a morning run. Less crowded than the Hudson River Park, this running spot will take you past the Lower East Side, and East Village. If you’re feeling extra adventurous on one of these runs, you can take a detour across the Williamsburg Bridge over to Brooklyn.


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