Located in Tribeca, The Duane Street Hotel enjoys being within walking distance of a number of Manhattan’s most unique and enjoyable neighborhoods. Just slightly to the east, Chinatown is one of the most evocative, invigorating areas of the city, where Chinese traditions live on alongside New World attractions.

The Markets

Chinatown is filled with excellent markets. On Canal Street you can find fun and simple touristy souvenirs that range from $10 knock-off sunglasses, to knock-off handbags, I Heart New York t-shirts, selfie sticks, and a whole lot more. The neighborhood is also home to a couple semi-outdoor fish markets that display daily bounties for anyone to see.

Museum At Eldridge Street

Located within the parameters of Chinatown the Museum at Eldridge Street gives insight into the neighborhood’s centuries-old Jewish culture. The building itself is a restored synagogue that hosts tours, classes, events, and ongoing orthodox services. The breathtaking stain-glass windows are worth a visit on their own.

Museum at Eldridge Street. 12 Eldridge St.


Mmuseumm is a tiny natural history museum located in Chinatown. The appearance and size of a small newspaper stand, is a design-focused museum that calls itself an example of Object Journalism. The presentation and objects on display are or certainly of a curious variety, and worth checking out.

Mmuseumm. 4 Cortlandt Alley.

Columbus Park

To find locals exercising and playing board games, as well as large waves of tourists on hunts for dumplings, spent some time hanging out at Columbus Park. Once one of the most dangerous areas of the city, today Columbus Park is bustling with activity and a great place to relax in Chinatown.

The Food & Restaurants

Let’s be real, the main reason people come to Chinatown is to sample an excellent collection of restaurants and dishes. For a reasonable and eclectic guide, check out our breakdown of food in Chinatown, ranging from street food to five-star restaurants.