Hudson River Runway and Bikeway: Waterfront Activities in NYC

bike and water

Duane Street Hotel sits just down the road from the Hudson River Runway and Bike Trail. This riverside park connects some of New York City’s favorite neighborhoods while hosting a progression of family friendly, artistic and athletic attractions. Pleasant during the summer, visually stunning in the winter, the Hudson River Runway always provides an exceptional view and unique perspective of Manhattan. Duane Street guests can walk down to the water any day of the year to have an experience, or some fun, or a bit of exercise.

The Hudson River Bikeway extends the full length of the park. This is a great, traffic-free, scenic route to explore the city and riverside. With distance markers every half mile and scattered bike racks, bicyclists can easily calculate their distances and stop at various points to explore or enjoy some of the path’s many attractions. With bike rentals and free bike education classes at Pier 54, the path can be utilized and enjoyed by everybody.

Taking the path to different neighborhoods, Duane Street guests will come and go through the park’s Tribeca section. Right down the street from the hotel, guests can enjoy tennis courts, a skate park, a basketball court, miniature golf and various water activities when it’s warm. This area of the park also features a beautiful steel sculpture by Mark Gibbian called Serpentine Structures. The aesthetic of Mark’s sculpture combines with the athletic attractions and travel friendly bike path to give visitors an expansive experience.

The Hudson River Park offers hotel guests some great, nearby waterfront activities and scenic access to the rest of Manhattan. In addition to using the path to reach different neighborhoods, the exploration of the park itself is an experience. From Chelsea Piers to swinging trapeze in Greenwich village, this is one great, long New York City attraction.