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Warm weather and blooming cherry blossoms aren’t the only reason New Yorkers celebrate winter’s demise–it also marks the arrival of the Museum of Modern Art’s summer exhibitions. On this year’s slate: Works from big-name talent, from Andy Warhol and his Campbell’s Soup Cans to a survey of Yoko Ono’s 40-year-old unauthorized MoMa project to pieces from Martin Scorsese’s movie poster collection. Here, four must-see exhibits that every MoMa goer should be sure to catch.

Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works

April 25th- October 12th

The pop artist’s iconic soup cans stirred controversy when he first showed them at Los Angeles’s

Ferus Gallery in 1962–the simple-minded commercialism expressed through 32 standard flavors of soup were a direct affront to the era’s edgy abstract expressionism. But his mockery of uninspired advertising soon became a mega hit. Pop art announced its arrival to the scene, Warhol became a counterculture idol, and his masterwork is still one the most popular pieces of art today. Also on display: more of his works from the 50’s and 60’s.

Gilbert & George: The Early Years

May 9th- October 25th

The photo-based paintings from British sculptors Gilbert & George have turned heads and fueled conversations since the 60’s, thanks to the unusual color schemes they apply to formal portraits (often of themselves ). This summer, MoMA will hold the first American show in decades devoted to a prolific period of their career—1969-1976. The exhibition will combine two installations with a variety of other works from various museums, including some of their most notable like To Be With Art Is All We Ask (1970) and The Tuileries (1974).

Yoko Ono: One Woman Show

May 17th- September 7th

Moma is finally welcoming Yoko Ono 44 years after the conceptual artist put on the unauthorized Museum of Modern (F)art, in which she claimed to release a swarm of flies at the museum and encouraged visitors to chase them around the city. The exhibition this summer will look back on Ono’s peculiar stunt and a decade of works leading up to it, including a wide-ranging collection of recordings, films, and performances.   

Scorsese Collects

May 30th- September 30th

Taxi Driver filmmaker Martin Scorsese has built a legendary career on bold and wildly entertaining blockbusters starring Hollywood heavyweights. He’s also a bonafide cinema buff and preserver of international film culture, which fans can see firsthand at the Scorsese Poster Collection, featuring his collection of large-format posters from a range of international flicks–all centered around the rare 1951 opera Tales of Hoffman– and will include a Scorsese film series in August.