Path along the Hudson River Esplanade with the Lower Manhattan skyline in the background.

For most people who haven’t been to Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, its most popular attractions include an annual music festival, and the towering One World Trade Center. Looking between its major landmarks, and popular restaurant scene, we picked some locations that are a little less seen, or talked about.


This tiny cultural attraction is the opposite of Manhattan’s most well-known, massive museums. Mmuseumm is a modern natural history museum located in what equates to a walk-in closet on Tribeca’s Cortlandt Alley. The “object journalism” collection is best understood with an in-person viewing.
Mmuseumm. 4 Cortlandt Alley

Dream House

Another oddity on the trail of Tribeca attractions, Dream House is an immersive sound and light display in an unmarked building in Tribeca. Check out our walkthrough recap of the Dream House for some more insight into the colors and vibes of the experience.
Dream House. 275 Church St.

Escape Games NYC

Few activities will make you feel lost in the crowded city, but Escape Games NYC focuses on doing just that. Head there with the family or a group of friends to solve a puzzle-style mystery to free yourself from a temporarily locked room.
Escape Games NYC. 79 Leonard St.

Aire Ancient Baths

Located in the heart of Tribeca, Aire Ancient Baths is one of the most surprising attractions in the neighborhood. The regal, and massive spa and bathhouse feels like someone plucked a room right from ancient Greece or Rome and buried it underground in Lower Manhattan.
Aire Ancient Baths. 88 Franklin St.

Pier 25 at Hudson River Park

While most people know that Hudson River Park is a great, nearby spot to explore the city, a lot less know that Tribeca’s Pier 25 is one of the walkway’s best stop-offs. Offering beach volleyball, mini golf, sailing, and much more, it’s one of Tribeca’s best locations for fun and games.
Pier 25 at Hudson River Park

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