New York City is one of the original street art capitals of the world. In recent years, the prolific artistry of well-known individuals like Banksy and Shepard Fairey has brought this counter-cultural movement to the mainstream.

Looking inward, the neighborhood surrounding Duane Street Hotel offers a wide range of tags alongside a few alternative outdoor creations that could be considered street art. To show you how our neighborhood fits into the world of NYC street art, here are a few of our favorite examples of street art in Soho and Tribeca.

Winnie the Poohwhinniepoo

An artsy van in the street= Street Art.van

This guy thisguy

Legal street fishies in Tribeca streetfish

Typical cursive makes a shadow look like spiderman. Incidental Street Art. spidermanshadowforweb

Smile More. Enough Said. smile

We don’t know who Sha is. But Sha sure knows who Sha is. sha3



NYC’s 1st Police Precinct Rocking Street Artpolice-door

Despite common artistry, some New Yorkers are still angry with the NYPD noracistsnocopsforweb

Manhattan mhtn-pro

Love Me lovemeforweb

Keep things simple keepitsimple

Some of Famous Street Artist, Raemann’s Eviar Serieseviangasmaskforweb2


A classic statue on the street. We call that Street Artindianforweb

Adam Cost is a well-known NYC street artist. These are some of his most typical tags.IMG_4416