Evie Phillips,Duane Street Hotel’s Tribeca Film Festival insider, Beauty Editor of LIVID Magazine and Founder of Cultures of Love, was selected to cover the Tribeca Film Festival on behalf of the hotel. To learn more about her experience visit the Duane Street Hotel on facebook.

Director Christina Voros and Producer James Franco did a splendid job of depicting a behind the scenes look into the life of Creative Director of the House of Gucci, Frida Giannini. This chronological and impressive cinematic view of Frida’s journey through her days and the fashion of her genius, coupled with a historic back log of Gucci as an iconic and international couture powerhouse giveway to a compelling and fascinating story line.

Frida’s personal experiences lead to the birthing of a colorful chapter for the Gucci brand and a fresh chapter in the designer’s life. What seems to be unconscious is the inspirational tone that is set in how the designer’s life experiences shape the wearable art and the storytelling of the brand. This fashionable dream is still pretentious in nature (rightfully so) and in fantasy of what we all know to be true of the industry. Yet Frida’s attitude towards what her life is and what it should be is balanced, not wacky or unsettled.

With the countenance of family and humbleness, which is often lacking from similar fashion documentaries, the viewer is compelled to relate without intimidation. Frida shares her upbringing and hardships she encountered along the way as well as major milestone career accomplishments. The story ties in passion for the fashion industry, grounded by roots of reality mixed with the enlightenment of the future.

By taking a life inventory Frida supports the case that how you speak to your surroundings and respond in your work should come with a refreshed fervor for life and your passions. A love for fashion, respect for history, for life and the appreciation that should come with living a full life partnered with this exclusive inside view into the alluring world of fashion makes for not only great film but solid advice for living as well.

-Evie Phillips (Beauty Editor of Livid Magazine)