Evie Phillips,Duane Street Hotel’s Tribeca Film Festival insider, Beauty Editor of LIVID Magazine and Founder of Cultures of Love, was selected to cover the Tribeca Film Festival on behalf of the hotel. To learn more about her experience visit the Duane Street Hotel on facebook.

The well known documentary editor and producer Alex Meillier takes a stab at directing in this great story of love and revolution. For those of you not versed in Indonesian history for a 16 year period East Timor endured a civil war with their hero Xanana Gusmão behind bars. A man so well loved and connected that he continued a clandestine mission while imprisoned.

Journalists were filled with so much terror they buried their equipment in graves. Australian documentarian Kristy Sword went into the war stricken country to expose what was occurring in the country. While working to research and unravel what would soon be war, love and a better sense of peace Kristy not only uncovers a passion for a new democracy in the country but also a love for an imprisoned man who will soon become the country’s future Prime Minister.

Evoked, inspired and motivated by the justice of this film I was very pleased with the ending. It reminds me that “first world problems” are jaded by a distasteful erosion of what unfortunately are for many lifelong problems in other nations. With a new appreciation for life and true love this film exudes all forms of raw emotion.

(Photo Credit Instagram: taydigital)

-Evie Phillips