Evie Phillips,Duane Street Hotel’s Tribeca Film Festival insider, Beauty Editor of LIVID Magazine and Founder of Cultures of Love, was selected to cover the Tribeca Film Festival on behalf of the hotel. To learn more about her experience visit the Duane Street Hotel on facebook.

Director Dave Carrol’s documentary on an entertainment pastime resurrected by a group of “strongmen” led to all-encompassing emotions triggering drama, laughter and tears. Following 43 year old Chris “Wonder” Scheock through his journey of a childhood dream leading to self-discovery and the supernatural strength of bending steel.

You cannot help but fall in love with Chris’s witty dry humor, his supporting characters his, back story and struggles of growth from a self-proclaimed “isolated man”. Not to mention there is some family drama mixed in that allows for one to understand and relate to a desire to feel support from your loved ones, but an unmet need in that area does not always lead to defeat.

Described as the “Opie Taylor of bending steel” a quarter inch goal holds him back from feeling accomplished in his rather unusual profession. He explains and embodies, “what a small man can do with a solid mind.” This film is an example that all you have to do is keep on keeping on. Your dreams can become a reality with the right thought process.

A fabulous film with qualities that you can take home with you leaves you with a desire to seek out the nearst “strongman” amusement near you. ”I found a hole to fit into without any gaps….there were things in my life that we’re problems, now those are just challenges,” Chris “Wonder” Scheock.

Need a pick me up to counteract your feelings of inadequacy? Then this is the film to light that fire of determination back up. I was personally inspired by Chris’s bravery and given a new ambition towards my own dreams. Encore! A must see.

Image credit:”The Human Blockhead” ©edenpictures used under a Creative Commons Attribution license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

-Evie Phillips (Beauty Editor of Livid Magazine)