new york city bucket list

New York City itself, as a whole, should be on your bucket list, whether you’ve been or not. The best part about taking as big a bite as you can out of the Big Apple, is that there will always be more left to chew. You’ll find as your number of visits grows, that the never-ending exploration and the journey to find what’s behind the next corner is what truly makes this city unlike any other in the world. 

To make a proper NYC bucket list for New York City tourists, we need to start with the large and the essential. Sometimes travelers will hate on landmarks that have become tourist attractions, because they’re too crowded or expensive. However, these sights became iconic for a reason, and we think most of them are well worth seeing. Here’s our ultimate New York City bucket list. 

The Statue of Liberty & One World Trade

Beginning with what’s nearest to our Duane Street Hotel’s charming and beautiful neighborhood of Tribeca, we are going to celebrate two of the city’s most major attractions. The Statue of Liberty is accessible by ferry from nearby Battery Park. Once you’re there, you can take a Ranger Guided Tour, and climb out to brilliant vantage points on the statue. 

One World Trade is located just a ten-minute walk from The Duane Street Hotel. From the ground, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere is a jaw-dropping disappearing act as it twists upwards, with the inspiring 9/11 Memorial’s mesmerizing waterfalls just next door. From atop the One World Observatory, located on the building’s one-hundredth floor, the iconic skyline of New York City can be appreciated from a truly one-of-a-kind perspective. 

The Museums

There’s a lot to check out in New York’s 80-plus museums. Among the essentials: Museum of Modern Art in Midtown with a world-renowned collection of pieces from the 19th century to today. The museum’s October 2019 reopening, following a massive expansion, substantially increases its floorspace to better show off its Picassos, Calders and more. And on opposite sides of Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum are on Central Park, and romantic marvels for New York City travelers and locals alike. Both home to encyclopedic collections that span centuries and continents, they could easily take up a full day of exploring.

Moving uptown, Museum Mile includes the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum among many others. In Queens, MoMa PS1 is draws some of the most talked-about contemporary art in the city. The Brooklyn Museum is an architectural delight, and a brilliant institution operating alongside Prospect Park. 

The Parks

New York City is a breathtaking city to enjoy outdoors, especially if you’re in one of its many famous and beloved parks. Closest to The Duane Street Hotel, Battery Park is a lovely coastal hangout with playgrounds and ferries jetting out to take rides up either of the rivers, and over to the Statue of Liberty. Moving up, Hudson River Park is an incredible 550-acre riverside park with more boats, mini golf courses, bike lanes, benches, and so much more. 

In addition to the favorite hangouts nearby The Duane Street Hotel, Central Park is an absolute wonder and an endless world of its own highlighted by street performers, sprawling lawns, and unforgettable views. Washington Square Park has its iconic archway and bustling crowd of local chess players mixing with NYU students. There’s also Prospect Park, Tompkins Square Park, and so many more. 

Times Square

We’ll say it, visit Times Square when you first come to New York. It is a sensory overload with overpriced everything and at-times suffocating crowds. At the same time, the towering electric billboards, the super heroes jostling for tourist pictures, and the grandiosity of the entire scene is one of a kind. 

Have a walk-through to give yourself the experience of the spectacle, and if there’s any store or restaurant or site you want to geek out at—geek out! This is also home to the best musicals and live theater performances in the world, so if you can splurge on some tickets, we definitely recommend doing so. 


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