Fall is upon us, and as the weather cools and the leaves begin to turn colorful warm colors, there are a lot of exciting sites to see. Going through some of our favorites, these are the best autumn views in Manhattan.

Central Park

Taking up a surprising large rectangle of Manhattan’s skyscraper-filled landscape, Central Park is the city’s best outdoor attraction all year round. Occupying an area of 840 acres, filled with tall trees and exciting little walkways and attractions, it’s exceptionally breathtaking and full of foliage during the autumn months.

Washington Square Park

Much smaller and completely different than Central Park, Washington Square is famous for its West Village location and iconic archway. In the fall months, the crowds slim down a bit, but the trees brown and the park remains beautiful. Take advantage of the time of year, and visit Washington Square Park this fall.

The Cloisters

Located in Upper Manhattan, The Cloisters is an outdoor  museum in Fort Tryon Park. Four-acres of land overlooking the Hudson River, the attraction provides stellar views of the fall foliage complemented by centuries’ old statues and buildings.

The Hudson Pier

An easy walk from the Duane Street Hotel, The Hudson Pier is a parkway that runs along the river with a ton of fun lookouts and attractions. Lined by trees and grass on one side, and sailboats on the other, it’s an exceptionally lovely place to take a bike ride or a stroll on a sunny autumn day.

Sky-High Views

If you want to point out the best foliage spots in town all at once, your best bet will be to get a sky-high view of Manhattan. You can accomplish this by taking one of the lovely tours to the top of the Empire State Building, or The Freedom Tower.