Thanksgiving dinner. Roasted turkey on holiday table with pumpkins, flowers and wine

Ah, the holidays in New York City. The crowds, the lights, the parade, the… stress. If your family is visiting? How will you break it to them that you never actually cook at your place? If you’re visiting, how much are you looking forward to cramming into a tiny apartment for dinner?

Luckily, we’ve chosen our favorite solutions to these dilemmas: order in, or eat out (plus a bonus option). The whole family will love it. Trust.

Order in: Cookunity

Don’t you dare order Thanksgiving dinner for your family from Whole Foods. Put down the phone, and check out CookUnity—a chef-driven online marketplace that delivers small-batch, locally sourced food, week or day-of. The chefs run the show, handpicking the freshest farmer’s market ingredients to create signature dishes unique to their cooking style and history. They source organic whenever possible. Think of it as farm-to-table-to-doorstep… or, just as having your own private chef for the day.

For the big Thanksgiving hoopla, Cookunity’s most popular chefs came together to make a show-stopping meal that serves 6. At $195 total, so roughly $33 each, that’s not too shabby. The meal includes just-moist-enough Turkey, cranberry and orange relish, candied molasses sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, classic mashed potatoes, gravy, and creamy mac ‘n cheese. For dessert, cornbread and a special surprise dessert!

The best part, besides no planning, shopping, and mid-casserole meltdowns? The food is delivered cold, earlier that day, so you simply must heat it all up in your own pots and pans… and then take all the credit. Trust us, the chefs won’t mind.

Dine out: Monument Lane

Eating out in New York City on Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a stuffy fancy, $150/head occasion. It certainly can be—skip ahead to the next restaurant on this list if that’s what you’re going for—but it is possible to have a delicious, gourmet, comfortable family meal too. Plus, our favorite part: no dirty dishes to squabble over at the end of the meal!

Monument Lane, a farm-to-table American restaurant, serves a three-course prix fixe for $72, with variety at each step. The Thanksgiving menu includes seared diver scallops, lamb tartare, guanciale garganelli, roasted beets, turkey, short ribs, duck breast, and Berkshire pork loin. Phew! Sides are available for $5 each, and Monument lane is reasonably offering a kids meal for $36. The interior is classy and casual, with candles and benches and slate-blue walls.

Reservations available from 1pm-8pm.

Bonus! Grab and Go: The Nomad Restaurant

Want to forgo the big meal completely, and see the New York sights on a (after the parade is over, of course) less crowded day? Or perhaps you didn’t get any leftovers because your brother took yours? Stop by the Nomad Restaurant all day Thanksgiving Thursday or Black Friday for a $18 ‘leftover turkey sandwich’ by the talented and nostalgic chefs in the back. They’re doing a traditional dinner with all the fixings for $145 per person too, but let’s be real: the best part of Thanksgiving is a leftovers sandwich anyway.