Changing Seasons and Changing Drinks

Whiskey on the rocks

The brisk, crisp and borderline chilly autumn season has begun to grace Manhattan with pleasant relief from the muggy summer heat. As pedestrians begin to sport sweaters and jeans, warmth becomes an attractive and popular theme amongst the bustling city’s vast consumption. New clothes and new weather lead to new tastes. Restaurants and bars changing their menus to match the season bring new food and new drinks. With some of these concoctions less well known and regionally specific, we thought we’d share a short list of the tastiest autumn cocktails in New York City.

 Hot Toddy

 The Hot Toddy is a popular drink in the northeast. It is a simply mixes hot tea with lemon, honey and liquor. The most popular base alcohols include brandy and rum, which themselves serve as warming, cold-weather drinks. Some well-known Tribeca establishments that serve the warming, autumn cocktail include: Ward III and Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs. Wherever you find yourself dining in Manhattan, be sure to ask about the Hot Toddy as many vendors do serve it, but tend to leave it off the menu.


 The New York City neighborhood’s titular drink, the Manhattan is a popular cocktail throughout the year, but its warming sensation makes it an ideal autumn beverage. Comprised whiskey, bitters and sweet vermouth, the drink has a dark and strong flavor with a sweet finish. The well-known drink is available at most bars in Manhattan and the Tribeca area.  Some great spots praised for their take on this classic drink include Alder in the East Village and the Brandy Library in Tribeca.

 Pumpkin Beers

 Alright, beers are not technically cocktails, however, their advanced flavoring in recent years definitely warrants their presence in this tasty autumn cocktails piece. Also, pumpkin flavored beers are a beloved treat that rolls into the city for the fall season. With most local breweries putting out their own version of the pumpkin-centric beverage, it would be beneficial to keep an eye out at local restaurants to get a taste of this seasonal sensation. Some well-known brews to start with are the Southern Tier Pumking and Chelsea Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Ale.

 There’s always a bit of a search, but that’s half the fun of squeezing the best autumn cocktails out of the great, broad New York City.