From intimate, Michelin-starred sushi dens in New York City offering prix-fixe menus to comprehensive, no-frills Japanese restaurants, our neighborhood has what you need. Here are five places that prove sushi in Tribeca is the real deal.


This small, upscale restaurant specializes in Kyoto-style sushi served mainly in 5 course meals featuring five pieces of nigiri and sushi. From red snapper to monkfish to uni, Rosanjin’s rolls are elegant and artful.


This high-end Japanese restaurant chain is a global institution with locations in Tokyo, Dubai, Budapest, and right here in Tribeca. A Robert DeNiro establishment, Nobu stands out for its sushi with soft shell crab and spicy bigeye tuna with bluefin toro scallion rolls.

Ichimura at Brushstroke

Chef Eiji Ichimura is the main attraction at his eponymous, Michelin-starred restaurant from  David Bouley. Thinking deeply about ingredients and experimenting with various curing methods and ingredient-combinations, Ichimura improvises chef’s-table-style meals nightly with seasonal and rare seafoods.

Zutto Japanese American Pub

Stepping away from upscale sushi bars, Zutto is a full-scale, affordable Japanese restaurant. Their futomaki—crab, egg custard, mango, spinach and pickles with bonito flakes—headlines an impressive sushi list while kobe beef pork buns lead an otherwise impressive menu.

Sushi Azabu

This diminutive sushi den serves traditional Edomae style sushi, which uses strictly raw seafood to create artful rolls. The signature dish is an ikura nigiri topped with quail egg, creating a sensational blend of yolk, roe and seaweed in a single bite.

image via flickr