Relaxed businessman drinking after work

Your company has sent you to NYC (in the dead of winter, no less) for meetings or a special project. Rather than jump for joy over visiting the best city in the world, you’re envisioning all the work to be done, as well as time spent away from friends, family and the comfort of your own home. Fear not. Besides Duane Street so homey that many choose to make it their temporary residence, we also have tips on how you can sneak some vacation into your business trip. All these suggestions are quick, easy and near the hotel.

This is what expense accounts are for, right?

If you have time…

…To Grab Happy Hour Drinks

Whether you need to entertain clients, enjoy some alone time after a long day, or can’t handle hanging with your coworkers without alcohol, there’s always time to slip drinks into a work trip. For a quintessential New York splurge, bring oysters into the mix. At The Leadbelly, a 5 minute cab ride from Duane Street, you can slurp delicious fresh East Coast oysters for $1.50 each from 5:30-7pm, with drink specials varying from $4 beers to sparkling Gruner Veltliner for $7. Live music starts at 7:30pm if you get tipsy and want to stick around. Just be sure to grab a coconut water on your way back to Duane Street! Gotta stay fresh for that early morning meeting tomorrow.

…For A Power Lunch

With all due respect to your city, no one power-lunches like New Yorkers do. Treat yourself to a decadent meal at The Mercer Kitchen, which was voted one of New York’s most stylish restaurants (both because of the interior and the clientele). We suggest going ‘whole hog’ and doing the prix-fixe lunch. With seasonal menu items like Nantucket sea scallop salad, beef tenderloin with miso mustard sauce, and pecan tartlet with eggnog ice cream, your inner foodie will be singing. If you can swing it, whip out that expense account and treat a client or prospective business connection.

…To Pop Into a Gallery

No matter how busy your schedule, there is always time for a coffee run. Under the guise of searching out a non-Starbucks espresso, take a 30-40 minute break and pop into a local art gallery. After all, if you came to New York City without seeing some art, did you actually visit New York City? If your office is in the Tribeca area, we recommend checking out Postmasters Gallery, known for seeking out new and exciting talent in postmodernism and new media. In 30 minutes you won’t be able to check out the entire 4,500 square foot space, but you should get a good dose of creative energy to carry back into the  work day. Current artists on display include Molly Crabapple, Monica Cook, Daria Irincheeva, and more.