The Duane Street Hotel enjoys the incomparable pleasure of residing in an extraordinarily artistic neighborhood. Tribeca is filled to the brim with exciting new artists, established old ones and many in between.

With so many surrounding galleries, we’ve decided to focus in on one of our local favorites— the P.T. Studio. One of three galleries for the renowned and prolific visual artist Peter Tunney, this studio’s proximity to the Duane Street Hotel provides an excellent starting point for guests to dive into local culture.

the P.T. Studio

Most of Tunney’s art is comprised of found materials and objects, but it all maintains an impressive air of originality and thoughtfulness. His signature — so to speak — is the use of large words or sentences, which often pay no attention to classic line break standards, superimposed on collages of old newspapers and press clippings. Tunney switches things up with the words he uses and the objects he prints on.

Tunney’s art

Extending beyond his classic prints, Tunney has also created works with surfboards, antique furniture, masks and more. Tunney’s fame is also rooted in his billboard initiative where he has put up several different versions of his literary artistry with positive messages for NYC commuters. Somehow able to exert more creative energy into the world around him, Tunney recently directed and released a music video for Nick Jonas and his new song Jealous. The video has upward of 40 million views on YouTube and features a slew of Tunney original artwork.

Duane Street Hotel is happy to call Peter Tunney and his P.T. Studio in Tribeca a neighbor. If and when you’re staying at the Duane Street Hotel, be sure to stop by 70 Franklin Street and have a walk around Tunney’s studio.

If you’re feeling truly inspired by one of the artist’s many messages, maybe you’ll pick up an original piece!