As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “In New York, you’re always searching for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment.” What she didn’t say was that when it comes to apartments, even if we’ve found a gem, we’re always trying to upgrade no matter what city we live in. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, we’re always seeing the endless (and gorgeous) possibilities for remodelling. Whether you’re still in dream-boarding phase or ready to draw up plans, these low impact reno ideas should give you some inspiration.

The Kitchen Storage Hack:

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At one point or another, most city-dwellers have had the teeny, tiny kitchen. 300-square feet with very little storage space, let alone space to decorate or actually cook. If you’re a renter or a homeowner who’s on a tight budget, you’re probably not going to take on a full kitchen renovation any time soon, but you may want to make some small upgrades. Inexpensive projects—like changing fixtures or making over your kitchen cabinets—can make a huge difference.

An easy place to start is removing the doors to your cabinets. This can create a chic, catalog-worthy look and also open the space. A few rules to make it Pin-worthy: Cups, dishes and bowls look good, but food looks bad, so keep it stowed away. Also, make sure you save the cabinet doors so you can reinstall before moving out!

Temporary, Removable Products

As far as your landlord knows, it never even happened. Things like temporary wallpaper, removable window film, peel-and-stick decals, and flooring coverups make it a little easier to live well in a less-than-perfect rental apartment. Our three favorites:

Eco Woods:

If you’ve got an outdoor patio or a bathroom floor that needs to be covered, these water-resistant wood tiles snap together and can rest on top of a hard surface.

Example: Eco Woods Decking Tiles, starting at $10.

Eazy Wallz:

This company makes removable wall murals — or large-scale digital prints — that start around 4 x 6 feet. You won’t even have to repaint the wall the original color when you move out, just peel off!

Example: Beautiful Waterfall Wall Mural, starting at $249.

Tempaper Temporary Wallpaper:

This removable peel-and-stick paper comes in a variety of chic patterns sold by the sheet. When used in large quantities, it may convince you you’re in a whole new apartment.

Example: Tempaper Gio in Gray at Design Public, $75.