Another new year is around the corner, which means we have another opportunity to make resolutions that will hopefully improve our lives. You can vow to improve your meals, or your workouts, or your day-to-day schedule, or you can get a bit more imaginative and devote yourself to better vacations. Here’s how to travel in NYC this new year.

Shop Local In Tribeca

When visiting Manhattan and staying in one downtown’s finest luxury properties at The Duane Street Hotel, take advantage of the rich culture in the neighborhood surrounding. One of the best ways to enjoy Tribeca is by exploring and splurging at the local shopping boutiques. Check out this breakdown featuring some of our favorite shops like the J. Crew Liquor Store, and Apexart.

Up The Romance

New York City is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and that makes it an ideal place to bring a loved one for a vacation any year. The way for you to up the romance on this year’s getaway, is to keep yourself educated on the most romantic date night destinations in New York City.

Take Time To Appreciate The Buildings

Many of us get caught up with all of the sounds, flavors, activities, and people that make Manhattan burst with life. This new year, promise yourself that you’ll step back and tike a minute to appreciate the majestic buildings and skyscrapers that make the city so unique. For a little guide, check out our breakdown of Manhattan’s Coolest New Buildings from this past Archtober.

Explore With The Family

A popular new year’s resolution that goes well beyond the art of travel, is to promise to spend more time with the family. There’s no reason why you can’t integrate that into your Tribeca getaway, especially since the neighborhood has so many family-friendly destinations. You can learn about the family appeal of spots like Hudson River Park, and One World Trade Center here.

Eat Better

In a city with a restaurant scene as impressive and deep as New York’s, you can always make a resolution to find better food year after year. To get you started on this noble, and satiating task, check out our list of our favorite places to eat in Tribeca.