One quarter private home, one quarter liquor store, one quarter bar and a final quarter men’s atelier, the J. Crew Liquor Store is breaking all the rules of shopping.

As if introducing its first standalone men’s shop wasn’t enough, J.Crew is bringing a revolutionary new to high-end men’s fashion. To find this boutique, look for the old neon Liquor Store sign still hanging above the TriBeCa storefront. Inside, antique beer cans and whiskey bottles are carefully dispersed amongst the designer clothes and well-groomed accessories. The collection of goods and decorations creates an exceptional in-store experience that can only be enjoyed right here in TriBeCa.


First and foremost, the J. Crew Liquor Store is an upscale men’s fashion boutique. Their inventory spans from favorite J. Crew staples to some particularly luxe brands that are unavailable at the rest of New York’s J. Crew retailers. The Liquor Store is J. Crew’s exclusive carrier for three premier fashion brands: The Norse Projects, Mason Kitsunney, and Chimala, a Japanese company blending 60’s and 70’s-inspired designs with the Pacific country’s famous, handcrafted fabrics.


The J. Crew Liquor Store collection clearly speaks to New York’s young, more affluent men. By mixing traditional J.Crew designs with the colorful retro pieces donned by the city’s youthful hipsters, the Liquor Store provides a relevant and progressive inventory. From funky socks to J. Crew’s signature compressed towel tablets and vintage rolexes, the shop impresses on all fronts.


Just down the road from the Duane Street Hotel, the J. Crew Liquor Store is an exciting new point of reference in the neighborhood. For our always-refined guests, a trip to the Liquor Store could precede an upscale meal at Nobu and an elegant gala at one of TriBeCa’s many art galleries. Blend in with a new button down or fitted pant from the J. Crew Liquor Store.