The feet of a bride and groom sitting side by side on concrete steps

It’s becoming less and less of a social necessity to have a big-budget, grand-venue wedding these days. Don’t get us wrong, dressing fancy and splurging is alright by us, but no more than the fun, intimacy, and creativity that can go into doing a city hall wedding. From how to get your papers and forms, to how to celebrate, these are some tips on how to do a city hall wedding right. (For starters, check out our New York City Hall Wedding Package!)

Obtaining A Marriage License

Weirdly, but also refreshingly—obtaining a marriage license is about as cut-and-dry as applying for any other license or permit. You essentially just need to fill out some forms with your loved one, take them down to the Office of the City Clerk, and file for a marriage or domestic partnership. Directions for obtaining a marriage license can be found here on the website for the Office of the City Clerk.

A City Hall Ceremony

Once you have obtained your marriage licence, you have the option to set up a ceremony right there at the City Clerk’s Office for just $25—a major relief compared to costs of renting out a wedding venue. You’ll need to give at least 24 hours between obtaining your marriage license and this wedding ceremony, which can make the process a fun, multiple-day celebration. For more information on marriage ceremonies at New York’s City Hall, check out this page on the City Clerk’s site.

The Party

Now, if you’ve decided to handle your ceremony at City Hall, you’ve already saved yourself some serious bucks. You can use those savings to splurge on an upscale venue in the area, or you can also have a great time while continuing to budget. We’ll give you some ideas for both approaches:
The Duane Street Hotel’s neighborhood of Tribeca is ripe with world-class event spaces. If the party is where you want to spend your bucks, look at top-of-the-line venues like Tribeca Rooftop (consider time of the year), the sun-soaked Bouley Botanical, and 26 Bridge Street.
If you’re game to spend some money, but don’t need all the glitz and space of these event venues, you can also rent out a private room at a bar in the area. One of our favorite options nearby is The Ten Bells, a classy wine bar on the Lower East Side, which has two private rooms available to host 35-60 people. Tapas and world-class wine are great for all parties, and that includes wedding parties.
Lastly, if you’re really all set with the reservations, and the big bills, and the deciding between an open-or-cash bar, then you can still have a great celebration, because this is New York City. Head to a bar with your loved one and family and friends, or set up a picnic in Washington Square Park!

Make if Official

Our New York City Hall Wedding Package is a great way to say I do to a NYC City Hall Wedding. You’ll enjoy our loft-like Tribeca hotel rooms conveniently close to City Hall, complimentary Champagne, and a wedding cake just for the two of you!