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Right down Broadway Tribeca and the Duane Street Hotel, Manhattan’s Chinatown offers a vibrant collection of restaurants, shops and sites. But the city’s largest, least-touristy and most vibrant Chinatown is actually across the East River in Flushing, Queens. Here’s where to go in this fascinating neighborhood:

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

From the outside, Nan Xiang looks just like countless other Chinese restaurants in Flushing, but its reputation begs to differ. Known for its soup dumplings, best enjoyed in just one or two bites, this Flushing Chinatown restaurant also delivers with crispy pan fried udon noodles.

New Flushing Bakery

The move here is inarguably the Portuguese egg tarts. While it’s not your typical Chinatown delight, these tarts ooze perfection with a burnt-top custard housed in an airy crust. Green tea and mango egg tarts are also can’t fail options at New Flushing Bakery.

Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant

A grand banquet hall with ice sculptures and golden table cloths, Asian Jewels is as much an atmospheric destination as it is a gastronomical one. A quintessential Flushing, Queens Chinatown dim sum experience, carts roll through the dining room perpetually serving up shrimp, pork, spare ribs and soup dumplings.

Sifu Chio

One of Flushing’s best  known Cantonese restaurants, Sifu Chio has mastered the art of the wonton. These doughy little balls are best enjoyed in soup with lo mein egg noodles. Sifu’s fried, crispy fish cakes are also popular take aways.

Pho Bang

While it doesn’t line up with the neighborhood’s name, most Chinatowns around the world feature awesome Vietnamese restaurants as well. Phobang fills that role for Flushing with a hearty pho filled with the most tender of thinly sliced beef and rice noodles. Its Vietnamese pour over coffee is also the perfect way to close out a meal.

image via flickr