"New York City, USA - May 13, 2012: Home game between Yankees and Seattle Mariners at Yankee Stadium in New York City"

It wouldn’t be summertime in New York City without the echoing crack of a wooden bat meeting a leather ball at Yankee Stadium. Home to the most storied franchise in baseball history, the (2nd edition) House That Ruth Built is one of the best places to watch the great American pastime. Here’s how to catch a Yankees game in NYC.

Buy tickets

First pitch on weekdays is usually at 7 p.m. while weekend games tend to have an afternoon start, so plan accordingly. If you don’t want to compete with rush hour commuters, stick to a weekend matinee. Purchase tickets directly from the Yankees.com, where they’re sold at face value and aren’t subject to third party price inflation.

Take the train

Take the Uptown 4 train from the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall stop, a short walk from the Duane Street Hotel, directly to Yankee Stadium. Snag a seat for the 30-minute ride, then follow the sea of pinstriped jerseys toward your destination. Pick up a Yankees hat from one of the street vendors along the way to look the part.


Baseball games are long, often lasting close to four hours, and you’ll need food to keep you happy throughout. For a bite before the game, head to neighborhood favorite Feeding Tree just off 161st Street, where you’ll find tasty Jamaican specialties like oxtail, curried goat and jerk chicken. Large portions, cheap prices and plenty of Red Stripe make it a worthy pre-game pit stop. For food at the park, enter the Great Hall between Gate 4 and 6, where you’ll find a food stand for Nolita institution Parm—owner of the best chicken parmesan sandwich in the city.  

Feeding Tree. 892 Gerard Ave, Bronx, NY. (718) 293-5025

Game time

Unless you’re going to a Yankees vs. Red Sox series, the stadium won’t be sold out. Take advantage and move around during the course of the game. Pop into some empty seats on the third base line for a few innings, then grab a Goose Island Ale from the stadium’s craft beer menu and circle over to the standing room only section behind home plate. Head to the outfield bleachers in the later innings for a new perspective and try to catch that ever-elusive home run.


If Yankee Stadium is the House That Ruth built, then Yankee Tavern is the bar. Established in 1927 and frequented by the Sultan of Swat himself, Yankee Tavern has been the watering hole of choice for baseball legends and fans alike for the better part of a century. With a surplus of drinks on tap and divey eats like burgers, wings and fried zucchini sticks, it’s the perfect place to end your day in baseball’s mecca.