New York City is without a doubt one of the most photogenic destinations in the world. Stocked with countless landmarks, cultural and historical touchstones, and every type of person imaginable, it’s a photographer’s playground. Looking around our own neck of the woods, we’ve put together a list of some of the best spots to snap a great picture in Downtown NYC.

The Houston-Bowery Wall

Located on the bustling, iconic Houston Street, this wall is a rotating exhibition of commissioned works of street art. Originally the spot of a Keith Haring painting done in the 1970’s, the wall has long since represented the city’s embrace of its street-art history, and the remarkable cycle of talent that comes through town.

Battery Park

For over two centuries, the Battery has been an avenue for the city’s newest and oldest visitors to cycle through. It was once the main entrypoint for European immigrants, and today, it’s where you catch a ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It’s also home to a gorgeous park along the water with sprawling views of the city.

The Freedom Tower

An architectural marvel, and important New York City landmark, the Freedom Tower offers photographers a number of challenges and exciting opportunities. The best shots can be taken from a trip to the top of the tower, where the entire city is visible beneath you.

Brooklyn Bridge

You can find the Brooklyn Bridge  in Downtown Manhattan, a short walk from the Duane Street Hotel. Photographs of the bridge itself can be magnificent, and if you feel like taking a stroll out over the East River, then you can also get good snaps of two great boroughs.

Washington Square Park

A staple of downtown, Washington Square Park offers a number of memorable photographic opportunities. You’ll definitely need to snap the iconic archway, but the people—the street performers, chess players, tourists—all make for brilliant subject matter as well.