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No matter what your vacation plans are, sometimes a rainy day or a tired mind make exploration a little bit too much to handle. Have no fear. Among all of its many attributes, New York City is also a movie-lover’s haven. Beat the boredom at some of the best movie theaters in Manhattan.

Regal Cinemas Battery Park 11

Located down on the water in Battery Park, just a ten-minute walk from the Duane Street Hotel, this Regal Cinemas location is one of the biggest in the city. Cushy chairs, blockbuster pictures, and a vibrant neighborhood keep this as one of our favorites.

Angelika Film Center

Part of the Angelika Film Center chain, this theater on Houston Street is one of the leading independent and arthouse proprietors in town. Its upscale lobby also has a high brow serving of craft beer and gourmet concessions.

Landmark Sunshine Cinema

Another artsy location on Houston Street, Landmark specializes in off-the-beaten path productions and revival screenings on late nights and weekends. It’s an especially romantic location with a classic marquee hanging over the entryway.

IFC Center

From the prolific cinematic institution—the Independent Film Channel—IFC Center is a hub for cinephiles and film-related events. Keeping it Indie, with a more out-there lineup than either Landmark or Angelika, it also screens short films and classics with organic popcorn throughout a given week.

Regal Cinemas E-Walk

In the heart of Times Square, the Regal Cinemas E-Walk offers the most high-octane cinematic experiences in the city. Their Regal Premium Experience auditorium features a 60-foot screen and enhanced projection and sound systems.