The Statue of Liberty is a stop on a tour of essential New York City sights, and such a tour takes some time. Located on its own island, visiting the Statue of Liberty takes a bit more planning than just plopping it in Google Maps. Here’s an easy guide on how to do it right.

Come To New York And Stay Downtown

Rest your head in between stops at luxurious downtown hotel that’s within striking distance of exceptional landmarks and neighborhoods. The Duane Street Hotel sits in the heart of Tribeca, and is just walking distance from the Battery Park ferry point, where you leave to visit the Statue of Liberty.

Grab A Ferry

Getting on in Battery Park is easy, and you can print your tickets here at the Duane Street Hotel to bring with you. The open-air third level of the ferry features stunning views of the city and the statue during the ride. You can also purchase food and drinks on the ferry.

Hit The Visitors Information Building

When you arrive, you’ll get off and walk across the wooden pier and up to the visitor’s center. Like many park visitor centers, this is where you’ll find all of your information about different sights throughout the Statue of Liberty. If you choose to walk the grounds on your own, this is where to brush up on research first.

Take The Ranger Guided Tour

We highly recommend taking the informative Ranger Guided Tour of Statue of Liberty Park. During the tour, your guide will give you background on the island and its history, pointing out small statues and plaques for you to read along the way.

Grab A Souvenir!

The Statue of Liberty experience should end with a visit to the gift shop. Possibly one of the most gift-shop friendly attractions in the United States, the Statue of Liberty inspires a wide array of toys, statues, replicas, and more.

Visit the website for tickets and more information.