Two tennager girls walks at sunset at the Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Summer is upon us, which means that New Yorkers will be taking many day trips to the outer boroughs for some sunny beach days. Follow the locals and head to these NYC beaches.

Coney Island Beach

The most famous and iconic beach in New York City, Coney Island is a must-see for all those who have yet to visit. Its boardwalk, roller-coasters and hot dogs are legendary, and the beach is, perhaps surprisingly, beautiful. The soft sand extends for hundreds of feet from the boardwalk to the sea, which is great for families as the beach is in the protected New York harbor.

Jacob Riis Park

Jacob Riis Park is a state park on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. Broad stretches of sand make you feel like you’ve escaped the city, which is perfect on a sunny summer day. New Yorkers have sought respite in this destination since 1912, so it’s safe to say it’s a tried and true NYC beach.

Hudson River Piers

We know, it’s technically not a beach, but the series of piers jutting into the Hudson are Manhattan’s best options for sun-seekers looking to be by the water. Pier 25, in Tribeca, even has beach volleyball! For the best sunbathing, head to Pier 45 in the West Village, with its wide expanse of lawn.

Midland Beach

Midland Beach is a gem in Staten Island. People will tell you that it’s either located in Mid-Island, or the East Shore, and it’s an excellent excuse to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry for a summer beach getaway.

Rockaway Beach

Another beach located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, Rockaway is a must-visit New York City Beach. Named after its surrounding neighborhood, the beach is a popular sunny-day destination for countless local New Yorkers, many of whom come here to surf the waves.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach

Featuring a two-and-a-half mile boardwalk filled with concessions and attractions, Franklin D. Roosevelt Beach is another fun and exciting destination. Located on the eastern shore of Staten Island, it offers calm shores perfect for relaxing on.

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