Let’s be real: An escape is an escape, whether you fly around the world or stay here in NYC. It’s really just about the hotel pillows, room service and a gleaming bathroom the size of your apartment.

Sometimes, as New Yorkers, we just want need to get away from it all. Between your boss, landlord neighbors and sometimes even friends, it can be really hard to find some “me” time away from the stress. But planning even a short getaway can take too much time, and bring its own anxieties.

Forget airports, taxis and suitcases and book a night or two right in town! Check out our five reasons to staycation (yep, it’s a verb now) in NYC.

You time

Get off your phone, rent a movie in bed, nap, book a massage and read in the bathtub. A staycation is an excuse to check out and recharge without feeling bad about it. It’s also a great time to explore that hobby you never seem to have time for— knitting, playing guitar, drawing, or just eating more. Sometimes, all we need is a hotel to get into vacation mode.


Many of us have lists of things we want to do in our own cities, but never get to. We have restaurants to try, museum exhibits to see, neighborhoods to explore, stores to pop into, hiking trails to conquer, etc. Instead of leaving them unchecked, a staycation allows you to invest in your city. See a Broadway play, wander through the Met, and finally make it up to see the Cloisters.


Between getting the time off of work, booking flights, agonizing over what to pack, dealing with the chaos of the airport and spending hours in transit, the stress of travel sometimes defeats the purpose of vacation. On a staycation, stress levels are practically nonexistent, leaving you no choice but to just relax already. Wander down the street to the Duane Street, put your phone on airplane mode (by choice, not necessity), get on that fluffy bathrobe, and voila! Your vacation has begun.


Traveling can be expensive and time consuming. If you cut out the time off by staying somewhere local and remove flights from the budget, you save yourself a nice chunk of change. Don’t blow your Mumbai budget or your destination wedding savings just because you need a vacation this weekend.


Sometimes when you need a vacation, you need a vacation, and you need it NOW! No if, ands, or buts. The beauty of a staycation is that when you decide you need a break, you can actually take it hours later. Give us a call, throw a change of clothes and any leisure items into a bag and go.