New York City is one of the most filmed cities in the world, making it the backdrop of many unforgettable scenes. For those who want to grab a bite in the same seat as Spiderman, or at the same table as Harry and Sally, here are five New York City restaurants straight out of the movies.

Cafe Lalo  – You’ve Got Mail

Nicknamed The Star Cafe, Lalo has served as the backdrop for many romantic on-screen dinners, the most famous coming in the housemom tearjerker You’ve Got Mail. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are star-crossed lovers who meet via email before meeting up in person at Lalo for the big reveal. Sigh. Young internet love. Make reservations to get your 90’s Rom-Com on with your significant other, and be sure to send the pictures to your parents. They’ll definitely get the reference.

Serendipity 3Serendipity

John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale meet at Bloomingdale’s and then grab dinner at this restaurant in Serendipity. Possibly the most cheesy and far-fetched romantic comedy of all time, Serendipity had us shaking our heads but secretly hoping for it all to work out. Head over, try the chocolate cake (delicious) and who knows, maybe your future husband or wife will be waiting there to meet you!

Joe’s Pizza  – Spiderman

Joe’s is a well known pizza chain in New York with several popular locations, but Peter Parker (aka Tobey Maguire, aka Spiderman) worked as a delivery boy at the one near Union Square. Go grab a slice with the NYU kids, and don’t have a single worry about a costumed villain swooping in to steal you slice—you’re in Spidey territory. Go for the novelty, stay for the yummy pizza.

Smith & Wollensky’sAmerican Psycho

It may not be Dorsia—the hottest fictional five-star eatery from American Psycho, where Patrick Bateman would kill to get reservations—but according to Christian Bale’s character, they have the best steak tartare in town. That’s high praise from a high-class serial killer who likes his meat bloody… In all seriousness, Smith & Wollensky’s has a charming old school atmosphere, the steak is excellent and dining amongst New York’s indulgent stock brokers is quite a scene as well.

Katz’s DelicatessenWhen Harry Met Sally

If you don’t know where “I’ll have what she’s having” comes from, you’ve at least heard it referenced a few dozen times. The very cafe where Meg Ryan faked a massive orgasm to prove Billy Crystal’s character wrong in When Harry Met Sally, Katz’s is known for its deli sandwiches, borscht (yum!), and being open 24 hours. Plus, it’s a perfect place to stop in after a night of drinking in the LES or East Village before heading home to crash. Win, win.

featured image via flickr