Nobody wants an ugly drink, especially when you’ve taken the time to make yourself look good. But you can only look as good as the drink in your hand. For these reasons, we rounded up a list of five beautiful cocktails in Downtown Manhattan.

Bon Vivant at Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs

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Ford’s Gin, Spiced Pear Liqueur, White Peppercorn, Lucano Amaro

The soft-yellow and white peppercorn give this classy cocktail an angelic tone, and the base of Lucano Amaro provides a warm contrast and sweet finish. When sipping the Bon Vivant at this neighborhood favorite, try some of the house-made meatballs or chicken liver parfait.

Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs; 135 W Broadway, 212.347.1135

Papi Collins at Smith & Mills

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Tequila Cabeza, Becherovka, Cucumber, Serrano Honey, Habanero Bitters, Spicy Salt

Despite similarities in its name and look, this Smith and Mills cocktail is a long stride from a Tom Collins. The spicy salt drips from the cucumber at the top of the glass, creating a sharp filter for the tart blend of honey and tequila.

Smith & Mills; 71 N Moore St. 212.226.2515

A Daisy if You Do at Apotheke

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Kappa Pisco with Dandelion Root, Lemon Verbena Syrup, Dandelion Tincture, Egg White, Lemon

The classic combination of pisco and egg white sets a proven foundation for this sweet and refreshing drink. It stands out with floral garnishes like dandelion root and tincture, as well as lemon verbena.

Apotheke; 9 Doyers St. 212.406.0400

Cha-Chunker at Genuine Liquorette

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A nip of liquor placed neck-down in a soda or beer can

Less than a year old, this brightly lit subterranean cocktail bar has a retro California aesthetic, and cocktails that embrace the West Coast’s kitchy vibes. Order a Cha-Chunker, a nip of a liquor of your choice served neck-down in a can of soda or beer.

Genuine Liquorette; 191 Grand St. 646.726.4633

Mermaid Parade at Nitecap

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Aperol, Pasquet ‘Marie Framboise,’ Grapefruit & Lemon Juices, Egg White

Nitecap is a sleek Lower East Side bar with an eclectic cocktail list. The Mermaid Parade, one of the bar’s signature drinks, is a frothy mix of grapefruit and lemon sweetness and pungent aperitifs.

Nitecap; 120 Rivington St. 212.466.3361