A woman runner stretching in a yoga position in front of the Manhattan skyline, New York City, United States of America, at early morning dawn sunrise

Whether you’re staying in Tribeca for business or pleasure, there’s always be time to squeeze in a killer workout. Read on for our three favorite ways and places to stay fit around the neighborhood.

Aqua Studio

Aqua Studio is a wellness center and the home of Aquacycling—imagine a spin class underneath four feet of water. The workout is designed to pair high-intensity cardio with full-body toning through the natural resistance and healing properties of salt water, all with as low an impact on the joints as possible.

In addition to health benefits, Aquacycling has amazing effects on shaping the body and fighting cellulite. Whether you’re a pre/post-natal mother, an athlete who wants to cross-train, recovering from surgery or an injury, or just want to spice up your fitness routine, Aquacycling is proven beneficial.

Pro Tip:

First timers are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before class to get up with water shoes, a towel and a bike. If you arrive with less than 15 minutes to go, they won’t let you in!

Bari Studio

The Bari method has three core parts: dance cardio, trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting for tone. Bari combines a specially designed sequence of exercises to force the body to overcome its own weaknesses, change kinetically and transform aesthetically. They strategically meld body weight and prop-based training to target your smaller muscles, so your larger muscles don’t bulk. Bari was named “NYC’s Best Hybrid Workout” by New York Magazine and was one of the “Top Places to Work Out In 2014” by  Harper’s Bazaar.

Pro Tip:

All students new to Bari must start with a barione class as an introduction before they can advance to other classes on the schedule.

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp uses the steel, wire, and cables of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge as an outdoor gym, where boot camp participants find themselves burning up to 800 calories per hour. Through traditional methods like jogging and jumping jacks, along with signature moves developed specifically for the program, Pro Trainer & BBBC Founder Ariane Hundt will tighten your abs, lift your butt and strengthen your legs.  As an added bonus, this is the most scenic workout around with full views of the skyline.

Pro Tip:

Don’t skip breakfast. Seriously. 800 calories is no joke!